Addiction Rehabilitation Center Orange County

Addiction Rehabilitation Center Orange County

Humans, like any other living animal, are sensorial creatures. This means that we will inherently steer towards pleasure to the detriment of pain, prefer health over sickness, and value life over death. It is how we are built, and whenever this internal composition is disrupted, our entire structure becomes imbalanced. At America’s Rehab Campuses, we have been investigating ways around this innate mechanism, since it is the only one responsible for inflicting the addictive behavior.

Every addiction rehabilitation center in Orange County has to deal with the same recurrent problem – the brain’s natural tendency towards promoting pleasure-inducing behaviors over those causing physical or psychological suffering. You might argue that drugs also cause physical and psychological distress and you would be right. But our brains can’t tell that, and it is all because of the way our biology works.

Whenever we play into a situation that gives us tremendous satisfaction, our nervous system will seek to check it as a desirable experience, so that our memory can recall it as such. This is why we aim to replicate experiences that have brought us great pleasure in the past, like sex, eating tasty food, hanging out with others, traveling or watching a movie in a fun company. The examples are countless, but you can see the pattern.

And our brains use a simple chemical to “mark” the experience as one worth remembering: dopamine. Dopamine has plenty of immediate benefits, including pain relief and intense mental pleasure and satisfaction, and narcotics like cocaine, methamphetamine, Adderall, ecstasy, and others will stimulate the brain to release massive amounts of this organic chemical.

Why is addiction so deadly?

When drug addiction sets in, a professional addiction rehabilitation center in Orange County will become the patients’ single chance at evading the incoming death. Opioids and psychostimulants will trick the brain into associating the dopamine-inducing mechanism of the drugs with a pleasurable experience. As a direct consequence, the addict will become the prisoner of his cravings, heavily constricted by the withdrawal symptoms whenever he’ll try to quit taking the drugs.

There are three types of addiction that, in the more advanced stages, will render the individual unable to fight back anymore:

  1. Physical addiction – The body will require the substance so that it can keep on functioning somewhat normal again. When the conditions are not being met, the withdrawal will occur, inflicting symptoms like vomiting and nausea, irritability, paranoia and hallucinations, cold turkey syndrome, and others.
  2. Psychological addiction – All the patient will be able to think about will be the drugs. They will take over his mind entirely, rendering him unable to focus on any other task or social duty of any kind.
  3. Spiritual addiction – It is probably the worse type because it represents the inability to experience pleasure in other ways than by injecting one more dose of poison – A vicious circle that’s extremely difficult to break.

America’s Rehab Campuses is a proficient addiction rehabilitation center in Orange County, whose purpose is to treat these three stages of addiction with the help of the most modern and innovative programs in the world. Substance use disorder is a complex and deadly disease, but it can be treated, so long as you act promptly.