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Alcohol and drug addictions are difficult to overcome unless you seek professional treatment. Yet treatment can be costly in some cases. If you are covered by insurance of Medicaid you need to find a rehab center that will be included in your plan. The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System, AHCCCS, is a Medicaid program that includes assistance for many types of medical issues. If you are covered by this insurance you need to locate centers for AHCCCS detox in Arizona.



AHCCCS Accepted

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AHCCCS Detox in Arizona

It is important to choose a detox center like America’s Rehab Campuses that is approved for AHCCCS detox in Arizona in order for it to be properly paid for by insurance. There are several other things to look for when choosing a detox facility. It is helpful to make sure that the facility has professionals with the experience and expertise to handle all types of detoxification situations. The detox period of rehab is the most important because your body is going through withdrawal from the alcohol or drugs. It is used to receiving a certain amount of the substance and when it doesn’t get it the body reacts. Withdrawal symptoms may range greatly from person to person. Many people will experience mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms. Depending on the substance you might have headaches and body aches, nausea and vomiting, shaking and trembling. If you were taking a large quantity of substances or were addicted for a long period of time you might expect more serious withdrawal symptoms. In some cases, you could experience very severe reactions including seizures. It is necessary to go through withdrawal with professional help. This will ensure that you will not suffer severe problems. There are also medications that can be provided that will make it easier to get through the most difficult times. An AHCCCS detox in Arizona will ensure that the proper professionals and medications are available to you during the process.

What to Expect After Detox

The period of detox will vary in length. It could take just a few days to get all of the substances out of your body or it might take longer. Once the body is completely rid of the toxins it is time to work on healing and moving forward. You will go through counseling to learn more about why you turned to drugs or alcohol in the first place. The goal of rehab is to teach you how to recognize how and why you abused a substance so that you can prevent yourself from turning to substances again in the future. You will learn new habits and a healthy lifestyle so that you can better handle your problems and the stresses of life without using any types of substances. Once you leave the rehab facility you will need to continue with counseling and should rely on family and friends to provide support as you continue towards your goal. You can learn more about detox and rehab on our website or call today to schedule an appointment.

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