Alcohol Addiction Recovery California

Alcohol Addiction Recovery California

Taking alcohol for granted is the first and worst mistake people make and the one with the most severe repercussions in the long run. Although not as dangerous as drugs (opioids, stimulants, sedatives and so on) with regards to the immediate effects, alcohol can inflict serious harm over time. At America’s Rehab Campuses, alcohol is treated as one of the most dangerous substances we know, especially seeing how lightly people treat the subject.

The moment you end up disregarding the side-effects of an unhealthy lifestyle is the moment it will begin to break you. The alcohol addiction recovery in California is the best chance people get at living a healthy life again. But what makes alcohol so dangerous? According to the statistics, more than 88,000 deaths are directly linked to alcohol abuse in the US. The number of the indirect deaths goes well beyond that number, with more than 10,000 deadly traffic accidents and countless cases of violence falling under the same category.

Alcohol has been listed as the third leading cause of death worldwide, following smoking and sedentarism (especially the lack of physical activity), and for good reasons. But it is not only the risk of death due to alcohol poisoning or alcohol-related car crashes or violence that you should be concerned about. The most painful effects of alcoholism come from entirely different sources:

  • Destroying families – This is the first significant consequence of resorting to alcohol abuse regularly. Drinking alcohol past the safe limit changes the person’s character, induces mood swings, increases the propensity towards violence and erratic behavior and impedes the thinking process. The individual will no longer make for a pleasant, or even a bearable, company, leading to many failed marriages.
  • Causing social disability – Every program of alcohol addiction recovery in California needs to deal with the same recurrent problem: people losing their jobs due to their inability to remain functional and productive. Alcohol disrupts the rational thinking, affects balance, movement, speech, and reflexes, and renders the patient incapable of performing even the simplest tasks, like remembering things and focus, for instance.
  • Losing friends – Nobody likes being in the company of unpredictable, potentially aggressive and incoherent people. And, however painful it might be at times, they will choose to break their friendships with their alcoholic friends. In these cases, the addicts will slowly develop anxiety, depression and will most likely bury themselves even more in liquor and despair.
  • Heavy psychological and physiological damages – Aside from the already mentioned mental disorders, other health problems will soon emerge, others sooner than later. Here we include diseases like throat, liver or colon cancer, temporary or permanent brain damage and dementia, cirrhosis, and a higher risk of heart disease, to name a few.

These are the main factors that genuinely portray the full horror of alcoholism. The programs of alcohol addiction recovery in California, however, will correct and predict these problems altogether, especially when the measures are taken as soon as possible. America’s Rehab Campuses looks to help people realize how dangerous alcohol addiction is and that ignoring its risks and consequences can have devastating outcomes.