Alcohol Drug Treatment Centers California

Alcohol Drug Treatment Centers CaliforniaIf there is something worse than being a drug addict, then that must be qualifying as an alcoholic on top of that as well. As a team of specialists with years of experience in the field of substance addiction, we, at America’s Rehab Campuses, have seen the worst of both worlds.

The best alcohol and drug treatment centers in California are the result of decades of research on the matter and, despite that, the results are mixed. There is no perfect rehabilitation treatment because addiction is a complicated mental disorder that affects the individual to its most intimate fabric.

The data gathered on the subject reveals a grim story:

  • Drugs and alcohol combined drain the United States economy of over $400 billion every year
  • 29 million Americans drove under the influence of drugs at least once in 2013, making for 11% of the population
  • Around 27 million Americans over the age of 12 use illicit drugs every year
  • More than 6.5 million people use prescription drugs for recreative purposes
  • Over 21 million people suffer from substance use disorder yearly
  • Approximately 10% of those in need get the treatment that could save their lives

According to these data, the situation is passed the level of “bad,” and now sits at “catastrophic.” It’s evident that measures need to be taken and fast.

Can you escape substance addiction?

The answer is yes, although it is easier said than done. Data gathered from multiple alcohol and drug treatment centers in California, as well as many others around the country, show that between 85% and 90% or more of the addicts will relapse at one point or another, after finishing the rehab program (will reinstate the addictive behavior).

The harsh reality is that neither drug nor alcohol addiction can be healed for good, as you would do with a benign health affection like the flu. In this case, it is no longer a matter of taking a pill and getting along with your life, which would be the ideal case. Unfortunately, the ideal doesn’t exist by definition, especially in this case, where drug addiction and alcoholism have complex mechanisms, which are extremely difficult to combat.

The most efficient rehab programs focus on:

  • Healing any potential emotional trauma – Such problems usually derive from childhood, as the direct result of having abusive parents, among many other similar situations.
  • Treating co-occurring disorders – Substance addiction is a mental disorder that usually triggers other mental diseases or worsens the already existent ones. Medication and psychiatric therapies are needed to treat all of them at the same time.
  • Restoring the patient’s spirit and hopes – Addicts are nothing more than people who have forgotten how to enjoy life’s pleasures. Group counseling, family therapies and holistic, recreative sessions will all contribute to solving that problem.
  • Building coping mechanisms – Relapse prevention is one of the main focuses for all alcohol and drug treatment centers in California.

America’s Rehab Campuses is here to stay because the people and the society need it. Society is sick, and we have developed one of the most effective cures. Only future will tell how things will progress, but it doesn’t hurt to be optimistic about the outcome until then.