Alcohol Rehab California

Alcohol Rehab CaliforniaMost people drink alcohol, pretty much regardless of age, medical condition, nationality or race. This nauseating substance has been with us since the dawn of time, the moment the first humanoid sipped some fermented grape juice. Alcohol makes us feel good, relaxed, less inhibited and, at times like the whole world is at our feet. However, what most people don’t know is what we, at America’s Rehab Campuses, have discovered the hard way – alcohol kills.

In fact, alcoholism kills more people yearly than all illicit drugs combined. This is why the programs of alcohol rehab in California are essential in a context where more than 80,000 Americans die due to alcohol use disorders every year. But what is the alcohol use disorder?

As shown by the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, alcohol use disorder (AUD) is a brain disease characterized by its ability to relapse, along with instilling severe social and health side-effects. The good part is that alcoholism can be treated regardless of how severe it is. The bad one is that complete rehabilitation is never a given.

Why is alcohol so dangerous?

The simplest and shortest answer would be – Because it affects the brain’s chemistry and it will end up changing who you are as a person, aside from instilling serious physical and mental damages in the long run. The longest and more complicated answer is exactly the same.

As every professional activating in programs for alcohol rehab in California knows, the damages caused by alcohol abuse can be identified in several areas around the brain, mainly:

– The cerebral cortex, responsible for thinking and for regulating the behaviour, where alcohol will slow down the patient’s ability to think and reason, as well as removing inhibitions and allowing for a more outgoing behaviour

– The pituitary gland and the hypothalamus, which are responsible for regulating the hormone levels, resulting in a weaker sexual performance, among other things

– The cerebellum, which governs our movement and sense of balance, leading to the iconic drunk staggering

– The medulla oblongata, which is a crucial sector controlling vital processes like breathing and body temperature. This is why alcohol, by affecting this region, will induce sleepiness, slow breathing and will lower the body’s temperature, among other effects

As time will pass and the AUD will move to more advanced levels, these effects will worsen and will evolve into others, even more dangerous.

Everyone can be cured

Despite its severity and regardless of its manifestations, alcoholism can be left behind. It cannot be cured, just like drug addiction can never be cured, but the patient can learn how to control his urges, along with his inclination towards relapsing.

Fighting alcoholism is a lifetime effort, but there are no shortcuts when looking for a cleaner, happier life. The programs of alcohol rehab in California, like those supported by America’s Rehab Campuses, can save lives and, ultimately, this is our goal. People deserve the chance to a better life, and everything we do is meant to teach them how to take advantage of it.

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