Alcohol Rehab Centers Near Me Tucson

Dealing with alcoholism is one of the major problems of our societies. More than 80,000 people die every year in the US, and it is alcohol to be accounted for the 30% driving fatalities occurring within the same timespan. Out of the 15 million Americans suffering from one type of another of alcohol abuse disorder, less than 8% of them receive the medical attention they need. This is where America’s Rehab Campuses make its presence noticed.

For those looking for “alcohol rehab centers near me in Tucson”, this is one of the most valid options. Here is where alcohol problems are being treated using the modern strategies designed to deal with addiction, withdrawal symptoms and prevent relapse, which is one of the major issues linked to alcohol consumption.

Alcohol abuse has a more significant and more dramatic impact on the US population than any other drug or illicit substance. It has been reported that the material costs of DUI (Driving Under the Influence) rises to $200 billion per year, and that’s without counting the loss of human lives in the process.

The ugly face of alcoholism

Binge drinking is what fuels alcohol addiction. It is a notion defined by the consumption of larger quantities of alcohol over short periods of time (the consensus indicates at least five drinks for men and 4 for women). Practiced with some regularity, binge drinking constitutes a slippery slope towards alcoholism, one that most drinkers don’t even get to notice, precisely because it is so subtle and smooth.

And checking for “alcohol rehab centers near me in Tucson” might prove to be a life-saving decision, especially when considering the way addiction ends up changing your life for the worse. With a slow start and little signs of adverse effects in the initial phase, dependence can quickly grow to become a debilitating condition. Some of the worst symptoms include:

    – Lowering the immune system
    – A negative impact on the liver and pancreas
    – Cognitive dysfunctions and impaired thinking process
    – Increased irritability, combined with symptoms of anxiety
    – An increased tendency towards depression
    – Sudden mood shifts
    – Financial problems
    – Adverse effects on the heart and high blood pressure
    – A higher risk of stroke
    – Losing the support of your friends and family
    – Problems at work
    – Risk of coma and death in the case of excessive alcohol consumption
    – Heavy addiction and potentially permanent brain and mental damages

The list is long and scary, but it only goes to show how dangerous alcohol addiction is. On the long run, alcoholism is known to increase the risk of contracting some form of cancer, usually in the throat, mouth, liver, esophagus or the pancreas.

If you are determined to make a change, get rid of an addiction or maybe help someone you know who is in need of professional assistance, one of your best shots is to seek for “alcohol rehab centers near me in Tucson.” America’s Rehab Campuses is among the best rehabilitation institutions in the field, one of the pioneers in the job of saving and changing lives.

Alcohol Rehab Centers Near Me Tucson