Alcohol Treatment Center Tucson

Do you need help to overcome your addiction to drug or alcohol? Get help from the best alcohol treatment center in Tucson, America’s Rehab Campuses. Achieve successful recovery from addiction with our counseling, support groups, and inpatient rehab programs.

The role of family in addiction recovery

Chemical dependency often affects family dynamics, ruins trust, and hinders communication. Family members often feel distressed when they see a loved one affected by substance abuse. Parents, siblings, and friends that stumble upon used syringes feel a paralyzing fear and shock. There are five personalities that family members unknowingly resort to when dealing with a loved one’s chemical dependency:

  • The Savior – The member that plays the role of a hero in the story of a drug addict is the savior. They often cover up for the individual, making the individual with the drug addiction look good to everyone. They are also in denial along with the addicted person.
  • The Mascot – The member of the family that uses humor to cope and entertain the addicted individual is called the mascot.
  • The Lost Child – The Lost Child copes with substance disorder and avoids family conflicts by remaining silent all the time.
  • The Scapegoat – The Scapegoat is that family member who seeks attention and masks feelings of shame under grand gestures.

Can I detox at home?

Absolutely not, since home detox can be deadly. Drug detox is a medically managed procedure and must be performed only by a licensed doctor in a hospital or rehab center. Our alcohol treatment center in Tucson offers both inpatient and outpatient detox programs that help prevent life-threatening complications.

People with addiction issues must seek inpatient detox from a licensed rehab center as self-withdrawal can be fatal. Our inpatient detox includes 24-hour support and monitoring. The experience with detox differs from person to person, depending upon the type of substance and length of abuse.

The process of detoxification

Detox procedures differ from person to person, and the drug detox process helps the addicted individuals get treatment that best addresses their concern areas. A typical drug detox process starts with an evaluation where a medical team screens incoming patients for physical and mental health issues.

Doctors run blood tests to measure the amount of drugs in the patient’s body. This helps to determine the level of medications needed. The doctor will also review the medical and psychiatric history of the patient to design the patient’s treatment plan. The next step in a detox program is stabilization, during which the patient will receive medical intervention and psychological therapy. The goal in this stage is to prevent any harm to the patient.

Doctors also prescribe medications to reduce withdrawal symptoms. The final step of detox is to prepare the patient for a treatment program. Our therapists familiarise the patients with the treatment process and what to expect in treatment.

Our alcohol treatment center in Tucson is one of the top-rated facilities to offer drug and alcohol rehab programs. Nobody cares for your recovery more than America’s rehab campuses.