Alcohol Treatment Tucson

There is no easy way to deal with alcohol abuse. Once past a certain point, escaping the grip of alcoholism on your own becomes a daunting task, next to impossible. As a direct result of this fact, alcoholism in the US has been deemed as the third most common cause of death related to lifestyle choices. And everything revolves around Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) and its effects on the health of an individual. Something institutes like America’s Rehab Campuses are well-aware of.

Any alcohol treatment in Tucson is based on methodologies that have been clinically tested and proven to work and there is no shortage of patients to fill-in the programs. A national survey which took place in 2015 discovered that more than 15 million American adults were suffering from AUD. As a result, almost 100,000 deaths are linked to excessive alcohol consumption and alcohol disorders every year.

To make things worse, according to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, only about 10% or less of alcohol addicts receive the attention and the treatment they need. And sometimes the reasons are social misconceptions.

The mechanisms of alcohol addiction

Many people tend to think alcoholism is a personal choice, hence the social stigma targeting the sufferers. In reality, alcoholism is a pathological display. It functions as a mental disorder where patient’s ability to control his/her behavior has been completely disabled. Chronic drinkers are, by all definitions, sick and should be treated by professionals in accredited institutions and using clinically tested procedures.

This is why programs like alcohol treatment in Tucson need to approach the situation from multiple perspectives because the diversity of the alcohol-related problems is quite scary:

Symptoms of withdrawal (insomnia, excessive sweating, increased irritability, depression, anxiety, sudden mood changes, shakiness, nausea and vomiting) Liver damages on the long run Problems in the working field Financial issues which tend to worsen over time Increasingly deteriorating relationships between the subject and family and friends Cognitive problems leading to increased aggression, memory loss, thought inconsistency and anti-social behavior and many others

And the main problem is that, regardless how serious the situation has become and how determined the patient is in overcoming it, there is little chance for him/her to succeed on it alone. In reality, it is a group effort more than anything else, involving professionals, as well as the patient’s family, friends, and virtually anyone relevant to the cause.

The path to a new life

Being classified as a mental disorder means that alcohol addiction needs to be treated as such for the rehabilitation process to be successful. Whether opting for inpatient or outpatient settings, depending on the case, any alcohol treatment in Tucson focuses on instilling a certain degree of control over the patient’s lifestyle.

That’s because going through something as dangerous and as difficult to cure an alcohol addiction (relapse is prevalent in most cases) requires combined efforts and certified professional approaches. The type of which America’s Rehab Campuses is using daily with great success.

Alcohol Treatment Tucson