Alcohol Withdrawal Tucson

A life-changing experience

Excessive alcohol consumption, despite its damaging effects both on short and on long-term use, has increased significantly over the past 10 years. A study published in August 2017 in JAMA Psychiatry, showed that American alcohol consumption has increased in worrying numbers. This fact alone makes institutions like America’s Rehab Campuses not only useful, but highly needed.

With so many problems like alcoholism, alcohol-related crimes, and alcohol withdrawal in Tucson and other areas, creating and instating rehab methodologies became a necessity. The 2017 data shows that:

Moderate alcohol consumption increased in the American population by 11%, from 65% to 73%, especially for minorities, women, and uneducated, poor people.
Excessive alcohol consumption rose by 30%, from 10% to 13%, more prevalent in the case of women, minorities, and the elderly.
Alcoholism and AUD (Alcohol Use Disorder) increased by 50%, from 9% to 13%, with the individual figures being even more dramatic: an 84% increase for women, up to 94% increase for minorities, and over 100% increase for the elderly.
These numbers don’t only show that people drink more alcohol on average, but also that they drink it in excess.

Problems and solutions

The effects of excessive alcohol intake can be quite severe, like: feelings of nausea and vomiting, memory loss or blackouts, the risk of accidents due to losing balance, losing consciousness, the risk of falling into a coma, and, eventually, death.

Alcohol intake can deliver even more dramatic side effects, both short-term and long term, following prolonged excessive alcohol consumption and alcohol withdrawal in Tucson, as well as other parts.

Short-term effects

Although a four-ounce glass of red wine can decrease the risk of dementia or cardiovascular disease, alcohol abuse can lead to significant short-term effects, like:

  • Speech difficulties
  • Sudden behavioral changes
  • Sleeping problems
  • Headaches and drowsiness

Long-term effects

These can grow to be quite devastating:

  • Increased aggression, anxiety and/or depression
  • Temporary or permanent liver damage
  • A higher risk for developing cancer
  • A lower immune system
  • A lower libido or even impotence
  • Damaged social relationships and the inability to be part of a stable, working relationship

The inability to pursue successful professional goals

There is no doubt that these factors alone are enough to destroy one’s life, and these are just a few samples of what truly awaits in the midst of alcohol abuse. What is there to be done? In this context, rehab programs become life saving mechanisms and treating alcohol withdrawal in Tucson (identifiable through symptoms like nausea, excessive sweating, shaky hands, anxiety, or even high blood pressure or seizures) – a priority.

Alcohol abuse in the long run will affect an individual’s ability to relate to those around him/her, ultimately ruining their lives completely. America’s Rehab Campuses aims at saving individuals from themselves and returning them as renewed persons into the safety of their family and friends. Escaping alcohol addiction involves a struggle the individual rarely manages to go through alone and our purpose is to help correct that.

Alcohol Withdrawal Tucson