CBI Detox Alternative

If you have a loved one that is combatting with issues of drug abuse, reach out to the best rehabilitation center in Arizona, America’s rehab campuses. We are one of the very few licensed centers to offer an alternative place to get treatment for CBI detox to our patients.

What is substance withdrawal?

The human brain adapts to the use of alcohol or drugs, causing specific symptoms when the usage of the drug is reduced or discontinued. This is called withdrawal syndrome or substance withdrawal. Withdrawal symptoms vary in seriousness based on the substance that you’re using and the intensity of the disorder.

Some of the symptoms of drug withdrawal and the length of that withdrawal depend upon the drug of abuse and the length of addiction. When you withdraw from heroin and prescription painkillers, you may experience flu-like symptoms for 4-5 days. For Cocaine, the symptoms include depression and restlessness for 7-10 days.

Can you force someone into rehab?

If it is your teenage son/daughter who needs help with addiction, as a parent, you can decide for them and have them join a rehab program through the court. If a family member or a loved one is in a life-threatening situation because of addiction, then you can get them to a rehab center against their will if they don’t accept voluntarily.

Scientific studies have proven that success rates for those who were forced to go to rehab are similar to success rates of those who joined the recovery program voluntarily. Wait until the person is sober and have a discussion with them in a calm and comforting manner. Reassure them that you will be with them throughout the treatment and help them see the positive aspects of joining a rehab to convince them.

The best drug and alcohol treatment center

Try to find a rehab that addresses your problem areas. At our facility for drug rehab, we offer an alternative to CBI detox, and our drug counselor will discuss the available treatment options in advance for you to analyze if our center fits your treatment needs. Some of the characteristics of a top-rated treatment center are:

The specialty programs – Find a center that specializes in treating certain addictions. Some addictions require extensive detox procedures. Therefore, for best results, find a top-rated rehab for advanced treatment and recovery services.

Success rate – The success rate of a rehab speaks leaps and bounds about its efficiency. Find out the percentage of clients that complete the program, the number of clients that maintain sobriety after treatment, that of addiction cases treated in a year, etc.

Focus on the causes – Addiction is usually a result of an underlying psychological issue or physical pain. If the cause of the issue remains unaddressed during treatment, there is a high chance for relapse. Top-rated rehab centers make sure to focus on treating dual-diagnosis conditions to avoid relapse.

Rehab centers differ from each other in the treatment programs they provide. Contact America’s rehab campuses today to learn more about our treatment and an alternative to CBI detox services!