Detox Centers in Phoenix

America’s Rehab Campuses offers a comfortable, safe, and relaxing habitat for people suffering from addiction. We are one of the leading detox centers in Phoenix to promise successful long-term recovery from substance abuse.

How long will rehab last?

There is no pre-determined time period or treatment form that fits all patients universally. The overall length of a rehab program can be 30 days, two months, or 12 weeks, based on the severity of your problem and the co-occurring mental disorders.

Patients with severe addiction issues need at least three months of inpatient treatment to get clean. They may leave the facility after three months but with a continued outpatient treatment plan to avoid relapse. Research, however, proves that longer durations of treatment have yielded the best outcomes in addiction treatments.

How does drug rehabilitation work?

Based on the substance abused, the severity of the addiction and the co-occurring mental disorders; treatment programs fall into one of the two categories – inpatient rehab or outpatient rehab. While both focus on rehabilitation and treating the addiction, inpatient rehabs are residential intensive treatment programs designed to address severe addictions.

On the contrary, outpatient rehabs are part-time programs that allow the individual to continue their school or jobs during the day. Outpatient programs are less expensive and involve 10-12 hours of therapies and medication assistance, which is best for individuals with a mild forms of addiction. However, the success rate of outpatient rehab is quite low compared to inpatient rehab.

The best treatment for drug addiction

As one of the leading detox centers in Phoenix, we offer the best treatment for quick and easy recovery from drug addiction. Some of the therapies that we use besides the medically managed detox program and 12-step program are:

  1. Biofeedback Therapy – We use this to help addicts gain control over their mind and body during recovery. This helps medical professionals understand the involuntary body functions of the addicts. It tracks the body’s unconscious reactions to physical and mental tensions.
  2. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – This is used to educate the recovering addict to find connections between their thoughts, feelings, and actions. CBT helps individuals to tackle and deal with disturbing thoughts and feelings.

With the help of these therapies, our therapists dismiss insecurities in patients that often leads to drug abuse. We also train them on self-help tools to manage mood swings. We work on their communication skills, and, more importantly, we help them to recognize, avoid, and cope with situations that “trigger” cravings.

Drug rehab admission process

After getting in touch with us, we discuss with you to understand your addiction and the treatment that will ensue. Our primary goal is to get a basic idea of the treatment that you’ll need. We look into your insurance options and make sure to get you the best care within your means.

We will recommend the best treatment program based on your assessment reports. Sobriety is within your reach with America’s Rehab Campuses, get in touch with one of the best detox centers in Phoenix today.