Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover Drug Rehab

America’s Rehab Campuses offers one of the most reliable and complete programs of substance rehab in the industry. Drug addiction is progressive, lethal, and notoriously difficult to treat. You can’t go to the hospital for extensive rehab, since the staff isn’t qualified for this type of services. And if you want to recover from your addiction, you need more than medication.

Now you’re here, wondering “does Blue Cross Blue Shield cover drug rehab?” and looking to join a high-end rehab treatment fast. You have no time to waste, since the longer you wait, the more the illness will aggravate. A successful rehab process requires a variety of treatments and procedures, including:

Detoxification – The detox phase is essential for stabilizing your mental functioning, limiting the impact of the withdrawal, and restoring your brain’s chemical balance. It’s the first line of attack against a disease that infects your nervous system with toxins, removing your ability to control your thoughts and altering your personality. The detox treatment requires knowledge, precision, and proficiency, so don’t even attempt doing it on your own!

Dual-diagnosis clinical support – Co-occurring disorders are a widespread problem among patients suffering from drug addiction. Emotional traumas and untreated mental health issues will take a toll on your long-term psychological stability, preventing successful recovery, and increasing the risk of relapse. We offer professional treatment and support for any emotional traumas and disorders like OCD, PTSD, bipolar disorder or depression.

Psychological treatment – After going through all the medication and psychiatric plans, you’re still left with a void that needs filling. Prolonged drug addiction will leave people empty, uncertain of themselves, and weak. We’re looking to fix that. With our counselors by your side, you will achieve the mindset of a real survivor. You will grow more confident in yourself, better control your emotions, and become more mature, positive, sociable, and competent.

Extensive education and aftercare support – We educate all our patients on the dangers of addiction, as well as the best strategies to prevent the triggers, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to substance addiction, the best weapon against it will always remain prevention. To help you remain sober and healthy, we provide comprehensive aftercare support both through our outpatient and sober living programs and beyond them.

Holistic treatment for spiritual rejuvenation – It’s no surprise that we like to do things differently than other rehab facilities. We believe in providing people with comprehensive treatment during a unique and life-changing rehab experience. Our on-site and off-site recreative activities will keep you busy for months, rebuilding your state of mind and helping your spirit heal. Here we include acupressure, cooking classes, life skills, equine therapy, and much more.

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield cover drug rehab? Yes, it does. Depending on your insurance plan, the options might change, however, so make sure to call us to clarify your options!

At America’s Rehab Campuses, we treat all our patients as members of our ever-growing family. Come to our center, meet the staff, and let’s start the rehab!