Drug Addiction Treatment Arizona

We have evolved with an inner drive that we cannot exorcize because it is part of our biological nature. It is the propensity towards discovery. We get intrigued by the unknown, and we will fight it wherever we’ll meet it. This is how all animals with complex brains function. The problem is that, as we, at America’s Rehab Campuses, were able to find out, this natural tendency can also be our undoing at times.

The drug addiction treatment in Arizona is the epitome of the ugly face of our biological nature. Drugs attract us because they imbue our sense with a glimpse of something beautiful and exhilarating, a fire which we cannot draw from anywhere else. The miracle will only last for a short while because drugs are poisons. They do not enrich lives, they claim them.

In this regard, the statistics speak for themselves:

– Over 21 million Americans battle a substance use disorder every year, and for 7 million of them the problem is drugs

– Over 67,000 people die in the US every year because of overdoses

– Drugs cause life-threatening conditions, including cancer, respiratory infections, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, as well as increase the risk of developing hepatitis and HIV

– The drug market causes damages of over $250 billion every year in the US, with the numbers being greatly increased worldwide 8 million Americans suffered from co-occurring disorders (manifest a substance use disorder, along with mental problems) in 2014

– Only 10% of the addicts get the help they need every year

This is clear evidence that every drug addiction treatment in Arizona fights against a system which kills millions worldwide and causes economic and social damages in the ballpark of billions of dollars.

The narcotic death

Dying from overdose is just the end of a miserable stage of your life, but it is the hell you’ll be going through up to that point that’s worth mentioning. Heavy opioids like cocaine or methamphetamine will, in time, degrade your body, your mind, and your life down to unrecognizable levels.

Slowly, a drug addict will:

– Distance himself from family and friends, since all that matters is the drug and nothing else

– Become more irritable and moody, causing problems in the family

– Develop incoherent thinking, paranoia and more aggressive behavior, which will cause the patient to lose his job, along with the support of those around

– Experience depression, along with gradually losing contact with reality

– Develop health and mental problems

– Get into dangerous situations because of the impaired thinking process, sometimes causing legal issues

– Risk sudden death due to heart failure or respiratory problems, caused by overdosing

It’s evident that the narcotic death is neither slow nor beautiful. It is painful, ugly and it will affect both you and those around who care about your wellbeing. In this context, a drug addiction treatment in Arizona is sometimes the only solution. This is why America’s Rehab Campuses stands as one of the most advanced institutions, one where we do our best to give people access to a second chance.

Drug Addiction Treatment Arizona