Drug and Alcohol Rehab Orange County

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Orange CountyThere are few things we can find to be more damaging to the society than widespread drug and alcohol abuse. Although alcohol doesn’t trigger addiction as fast as drugs, and drugs aren’t as easy to get as alcohol is (although easy enough, unfortunately), both have dire consequences in time. America’s Rehab Campuses lays in the frontline of a never-ending war against human nature, and it is not an easy-to-win battle.

The wide variety of the programs of drug and alcohol rehab in Orange County and a large number of institutions dealing with the problem show that we have a serious matter on our hands. So do the figures:

  • Excessive drug and alcohol consumption is responsible for most of the crimes throughout the nation, as well as for a significant portion of traffic accidents
  • Over 88,000 people die due to alcohol abuse, while other 65,000 are found dead because of overdosing
  • Alcohol causes nationwide damages totaling over $224 billion, while drugs are responsible for an additional $193 billion
  • Both drugs and alcohol are known to cause severe mental problems or worsen preexistent conditions
  • Over 41% of the admissions recorded in the rehab institutions relate to alcohol, while 59% refer to drugs, prescription painkillers, sedatives, stimulants and other substances
  • Both drug and alcohol addiction has been classified as mental disorders with a chronic and compulsive character
  • Substance addiction has shown to break families, destroy careers, increase the risk of severe physical and mental health problems, domestic support violence and child abuse behaviors and so on

These are just some of the stats because the entire picture is too large for the editorial space we have. In such a gruesome context, one thing is for sure – the programs of drug and alcohol rehab in Orange County seem to be the only solutions to a worldwide pest that’s infecting millions every year.

How effective are the rehabilitation programs?

Despite not having clear data on the subject, we do have some suggestions that the vast majority of the addicts will relapse several months after the program has ended. By “large majority” we mean approximately 85% of the people. It is a ridiculous figure and one that doesn’t seem to drop – it pretty much remains a constant.

However, this doesn’t mean that the rehab treatment is ineffective. It only proves that the patient relapses after successfully graduating the specialized programs. In this sense, it is not the program at fault, by a combination of several factors that have led to that outcome. In many cases, the patients will return to their old habits because of returning to an environment where drug or alcohol consumption is regular, where the stress is high, or where physical and psychological abuse are the norm.

It goes the same for a lot of people, which is why the programs of drug and alcohol rehab in Orange County also need to consider these factors when assessing the patient’s situation. At America’s Rehab Campuses, we use these aspects to adjust our approaches, ensuring a high success rate for our rehab programs. No effort and no sacrifice are too small if, by that, we give people another chance at living a healthy, happy life.