Drug Rehab Arizona

The drug rehabilitation treatment is not as straightforward as people tend to think. It is somewhat complicated and it doesn’t always deliver the expected results, because there is one factor that keeps the entire process continually volatile and uncertain – the human component. For this reason, the rehabilitation treatment we have developed at America’s Rehab Campuses consists of several options, according to each patient’s need.

The programs of drug rehab in Arizona are meant to not only treat the addiction itself but to improve patient’s life at the same time significantly. Both illicit drugs, as well as prescription painkillers, when abused, will inflict massive damages to an individual’s health, mental state, emotional being, and to his social life in general.

For these reasons, the rehab programs will focus on:

– Medication, especially in the initial phases, when withdrawal symptoms need to be controlled and repelled

– Behavioral therapies, aiming at helping the individual control his urges, gain more self-confidence and become more determined to overcome his condition

– Psychiatric treatments, for when the patient also struggles with mental conditions, regardless whether triggered by the addiction or not

– Developing social skills, making it easier for the addict to find peace with those around him, loved ones, coworkers, and friends

– Prevent the relapse as much as possible, which can only be achieved by teaching the patient the necessary coping mechanisms

The last point is also the most important ones because, when not focused on, the rehabilitation process is most likely to fail in the long run.

Fighting a never-ending battle

Drug addiction is one mental condition that will stick with you for the rest of your life. All programs of drug rehab in Arizona are, ultimately, meant to help you learn how to cope with it after the initial treatment has been completed. That’s because, once the brain has tasted narcotics, the danger or relapsing will always be present, no matter how useful the rehab process is for the first several months.

And, as statistics show, the tendency to relapse is the main reason why drug rehabilitation is only partly effective, despite remaining the best way of dealing with substance addiction we know of. Around 85% of those completing the rehab program will relapse within the first year, while approximately a quarter of the patients will relapse several weeks into the program.

As time passes, the more the addicts will remain clean, the higher the chance they will stay so for good. But to increase the likelihood of them remaining clean, the focus needs to be on the patients’ ability to cope with the problem on his own. As years go by, anything can revive the addictive behavior once again; maybe a smile, a certain conjecture or even a state of mind or a spiritual impasse.

The purpose of any program of drug rehab in Arizona, like those of America’s Rehab Campuses, is to teach the individual how to deal with the problem on his own, hopefully without him needing professional assistance ever again.

Drug Rehab Arizona