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The majority of people know that drugs and alcohol are dangerous for you, especially when consumed in excess. And probably everybody understands that addiction is extremely damaging, potentially leading to debilitating conditions and even death. In this case, why are there so many addicts and people who abuse drugs and alcohol every day for years? At America’s Rehab Campuses, we know that answering this question requires a lot of experience and insight into the matter.

The many programs of drug rehab in Phoenix have been built primarily on knowledge and specialists know that the rehabilitation process is complicated and somewhat volatile. It doesn’t always deliver the same results, because different patients will react differently to the various rehab programs.

Which brings us to the initial question: why would people abuse drugs and alcohol if they know for a fact that it will eventually tear their lives down? There are several reasons for that:

– People focus on the immediate benefits which, with drugs, include euphoria, relaxation, muscular and mental numbness, relief from pain, along with a sense of disconnection from reality.

– The side-effects are well-masked, in the sense that, by the time they get worse, the patient has already become an addict.

– Addiction takes away the free will – once addiction has been installed, there is little the individual can do, since the withdrawal symptoms will always keep him hooked.

– Their thinking process has been impaired, meaning that the addicts cannot comprehend the danger they’re in; this only means that vital specialist support is required.

The intrinsic mechanism of the opioids fuels all of these problems. These drugs attach to the opioid receptors in the brain, spine, and other major organs, and force the nervous system to produce massive amounts of dopamine. It is this system that will eventually get you to a program of drug rehab in Phoenix because the brain will quickly develop an addiction to the substance which it perceives as a beneficial factor, one which increases pleasure, thus, wellbeing along with it.

Nothing is what it seems

The fact that our brains tend to be so yielding is what will constitute their Achilles heel. Trying to fight off opioids is trying to fight off your own brain, which is why most, if not all people, will fail when attempting to break their chains.

The withdrawal symptoms can be, and usually are, extremely aggressive, instilling side-effects like:

– Headaches and stomach pain

– Diarrhea and digestive problems

– Fatigue, muscular weakness and lack of energy throughout the day

– The cold turkey syndrome manifested through the goosebumps effect

– Seizures and loss of consciousness in some cases

– Intense cravings for the drug in question

Aside from the fact that they can be quite brutal, withdrawal symptoms can also last for weeks and even months, making it almost impossible for the individual to overcome its effects without resorting to a program of drug rehab Phoenix, like those provided by Addiction Recovery Centers. Only here will be patient stand a chance at recovering his life and start building a clean, drug-free future.

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