Free Detox Centers in Phoenix Arizona

With the aim of setting the standard for US drug rehabilitation centers, America’s Rehab Campuses opened a brand-new drug treatment facility in Tucson in the Summer of the year 2017. What makes this brand-new treatment facility is their mission of creating a full range of recovery treatment options all in one treatment center.

The services that they offer include medical detox, rehabilitation treatment programs, and outpatient programs. With all the services that they provide, you can be guaranteed of a recovery program which will help you combat addiction and win in life.

America’s Rehab Campus- Arizona is situated in the great city of Tucson where the picturesque Sabino State Park provides an excellent meditation inspiration and a venue to marvel at nature’s beauty and blessings. Truly, Arizona is home to state-of-the-art free detox centers in Phoenix, Arizona which can help you relax and get sober.

People can appreciate the center’s stand-out qualities once they decide to admit themselves to the care of the facility. They can offer to the recovering patient life-transforming support and tools that will help them achieve true recovery.

Once you become a client of ARC, you will be blessed with the opportunity to be under the care of supportive, empathetic, and compassionate staffs. With this, you can truly feel the atmosphere of a true sanctuary for sobriety.

What are the Rehabilitation Treatment Programs we offer?

All-inclusive Treatment

We take pride in the comprehensive treatment programs we offer and provide to our patients. At ARC, we believe that appropriate treatment and care can substantially lower the addiction rate. Here, we don’t discriminate because we fervently believe that everybody deserves a second chance at a healthy, happy, and productive life.

Personalized Care

Being an affiliate of America’s Rehab Campuses, ARC offers an integrated addiction program for individuals who were dual-diagnosed and those patients with Co-Occurring Disorders.

The programs that we offer were designed thoughtfully, giving full attention to the unique characteristics of each patient’s case. It is only through this method that we can make sure that patients are given the treatment that they need. The whole treatment process starts with a medical assessment and biosocial check-up conducted by a Medical Doctor and a Psychologist.

We also accept both private and public insurance as payments for the treatment programs. More importantly, we are willing to talk about other options to cover payment for treatment.

With these financial options on top of great treatment programs, you can say that ARC has helped establish Arizona’s reputation of being a great place to find rehab centers, especially for people who are in search of free detox centers in Phoenix, Arizona.

Customized Approach to Addiction and Recovery

No matter how similar the substances they used to fuel their addictions, every patient in the addiction rehab has a unique story to tell. At ARC, we make sure that each of our patients feels secure in sharing with us their individual stories. Our campus provides a feeling of fellowship while covering all aspects of the treatment program.

The road to addiction recovery is not an easy one. With the humps and bumps of the whole sobriety quest, it is important to be placed under the care of a rehab facility which understands the process and is equipped to provide state of the art treatment programs. With ARC, you get all these and more.

If you’re struggling with addiction and need a place to go to start your life over, or if you’re looking for a free detox center in Phoenix, Arizona, contact ARC today.

Free Detox Centers in Phoenix Arizona