Free Detox Centers in Tucson AZ

When people think about free detox centers in Tucson, AZ, they don’t think ‘upscale.’ To be clear; America’s Rehab Campuses is well accomodating rehab in Tucson. Still, we help people of all walks of life, and you might be surprised that you don’t have to be wealthy to get the best treatment in the world for drugs and alcohol. America’s Rehab Campuses accepts most insurance including AHCCCS and other state insurances. And while it is true that you have to pay or insurance will, detox treatment would essentially be free to you if your insurance covers it.

Truly Free Detox Centers in Tucson

If you are currently indigent and are seeking detox treatment for drugs or alcohol (alcohol is a drug), then you basically have three options. When you’re beaten down by your addiction, and you need immediate treatment, and you have no way to pay for the kind of treatment you want, the following programs can be lifesavers. Consider the following free detox centers in Tucson.

1. The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center --         6th Avenue, Tucson

The Salvation Army is a work-based rehabilitation center for men. If you are willing to work five days a week to pay for your boarding, food, and treatment, the Salvation Army could be a great place to get the treatment you need before you hit rock bottom.

The Salvation Army is a 6-month intensive men’s rehab program. They may require you to go the hospital’s ER to detox prior to admitting you, as the SA requires that you be sober on the day that you enter their facility.

2. Gospel Rescue Mission

The Gospel Rescue Mission is a Christian-based addiction recovery center that puts spirituality and a relationship with Jesus Christ at the forefront of their recovery program. The Gospel Rescue Mission accepts both men and women, although men and women do not coinhabit. Like the Salvation Army, the Gospel Rescue Mission may require you to detox in the hospital’s ER prior to admittance, especially if you are addicted to substances that pose withdrawal risks.

3. Halfway Houses

Make no mistake; halfway houses cost money. The good news is that there are a lot of halfway houses in Tucson, many of which will admit people who are currently indigent and not able to pay their rent. It will be required that you find a job and start paying rent ASAP if admitted. Decisions to admit indigent persons are made on a case-by-case basis. The halfway house is going to consider how likely they think you will be to respond positively to treatment and how likely you will be to get a job and start paying rent.

Bonus #4: Hospital ER

If you can’t get to any of these free resources, and you need to quit using drugs or alcohol right now, you can always go to the hospital’s emergency room. By law, they have to care for you. If you are addicted to lethal substances that pose a risk or withdrawal, the hospital has to monitor you until you are no longer at risk.