Free Drug Rehab Phoenix AZ

All medicine is poison. It all lies in the dose you’re using. The same goes, although, with some, the dose doesn’t matter, because it is all poison. Cocaine is one such opioid, which not only it will instill an addictive behavior, but it can also cause sudden death right from the first use, due to respiratory failure or heart attack. America’s Rehab Campuses is on a crusade against drug abuse, but opposing it is anything but easy.

The free drug rehab in Phoenix Az deals with all types of people, of all ages, nationalities, and profiles. There’s something that unites them all under the same flag – the gradual physiological decay caused by drugs.

There are three ways by which opioids will take control over your life, leaving you with few options of getting out alive:

1. Triggering the addictive behavior

This is the first stage when, following the occasional consumption, the narcotics will force the opioid receptors in the brain to release vast amounts of dopamine, causing effects like euphoria, a deep relaxation, pain numbness, slow breathing and slower muscular reflexes, along with the mind slipping in and out of reality. The brain will associate these effects with pleasurable experiences and will aim to replicate the conditions that have led to them. In this case – drug consumption. The addictive behavior has been triggered.

2. The withdrawal mechanism

Withdrawal is triggered by the fact that the brain will fail to produce dopamine on its own. It will now solely rely on the narcotics to maintain a steady production of dopamine, and this is the first brain behavior that a free drug rehab in Phoenix Az will aim at reeducating. When the addict doesn’t get his regular dose, withdrawal symptoms will kick in, causing nausea, vomiting, headaches, digestive problems, paranoia and seizures and many others. These symptoms tend to worsen with time and sometimes last even months in a row.

3. The tendency to relapse

It is this tendency that causes many problems during the rehabilitation process. According to the latest statistics, approximately 66% of the drug addicts will relapse within several months of starting the treatment. Among those who complete it, 85% of them are unable to withstand their biological call and fail to remain sober for more than several months after. And it is this tendency to relapse that gets people to resume the addictive behavior at a later date, making all their efforts of containing the addiction worthless.

These three aspects show that battling drug addiction is anything but easy and that a useful and productive rehabilitation program has to have several mechanisms put in place to make sure it can overcome all these critical thresholds. The most important thing is to teach the patient how to control his urges, keep the cravings on a tight leash and focus on other dopamine-releasing activities instead.

The programs of free drug rehab in Phoenix Az have been developed to solve these problems, and America’s Rehab Campuses is one of the market leaders regarding efficiency, quality, and passion.