Heroin Treatment Center Tucson

As some of the most compelling studies have shown, the opioid market has delivered and distributed over 560 tons of heroin worldwide, affecting the lives of millions. In the US alone the heroin market was worth $27 billion in 2010, and it was reported that, in 2015, there were over 250 million drug users across the globe, with almost 30 million of them have developed a drug use disorder, addiction included. And it is in this context that America’s Rehab Campuses operates.

According to every heroin treatment center in Tucson, opioid use keeps delivering more and more patients on a regular basis. And with approximately 70% of the drug users experiencing opioid-related drug disorders, it doesn’t seem like an exaggeration whatsoever.

The major problem with heroin is the fact that, aside from being highly addictive, it changes the brain’s chemistry. When injected, heroin causes an intense release of histamine, functioning much like morphine and delivering analgesic and euphoric effects. Regular use will quickly cause the brain to adapt and tolerate the standard doses, causing both addiction and the need for more of the substance to create effects of the same intensity.

The heroin trap

Once addiction has installed, there is little the individual can do on his own to overcome it. Not using the substance for a period of 6 to 24 hours, sometimes even less, depending on the initial dose, as well as the level of addiction, will immediately trigger withdrawal symptoms.

These include:

A feeling of restlessness


Pain in the muscles and bones

Continuous, increasing heroin cravings

Vomiting and diarrhea

The “cold turkey” syndrome, manifesting itself through piloerection (goosebumps)

Increased irritability and so on

Heroin withdrawal is taken extremely seriously in every heroin treatment center in Tucson, not only due to the dangers it poses but also because it is difficult to overcome. Without specialized assistance, the opioid addict cannot escape the vicious circle formed out of addiction, withdrawal and the tendency towards overdosing which means that eventually, his life will be at risk.

Dealing with the problem

The treatment consists of several clinically approved methods which include:


Medication is needed throughout the treatment, and it is especially important during the withdrawal phase. Here we have methadone, buprenorphine, naltrexone, and naloxone as some of the most important in heroin detoxification.

Behavioral therapies

The behavioral treatment comprises of individual or group-therapies, sometimes involving family members or friends, aiming to provide mental and spiritual support, create a safe environment for discussion and experience sharing and boost the patient’s determination and self-confidence.

Educational treatment and relapse prevention

Focusing on informing people on the nature of addiction, its effects, and dangers, as well as adopting relapse prevention strategies, meant to increase the longevity of the treatment’s efficiency.

Every heroin treatment center in Tucson deals with heroin addicts of all races, ages and social categories and institutions like America’s Rehab Campuses need to be able to accommodate everyone, depending on their needs. Heroin addiction is a serious matter, and it must be approached with professionalism and conviction.

Heroin Treatment Center Tucson