Inpatient Drug Rehab Phoenix

We only cherish that which we lose. It is a motto that probably applies to all human beings. Unfortunately, it comes a time when we can’t get back what we’ve lost, and this happens with drug abuse more often than we’d like to think. At America’s Rehab Campuses, we know how dangerous drugs are, and we have seen the damages they cause among the population.

The inpatient drug rehab in Phoenix is meant to achieve four key goals:

1. Cleanse the patient’s body and mind from the harmful effects of the drugs

2. Restore the patient’s self-confidence, determination, and self-control, and rewire his behavioral and emotional responses

3. Reconnect him with the loved ones, family, and friends, who can provide moral and emotional support

4. Educate the addict and help him develop the proper coping mechanisms needed to avoid relapsing

In most cases, not even these are not enough. People will relapse eventually, with only the strongest and most determined to remain sober for the rest of their lives. This is why it is not enough to help patients overcome addiction, but motivate them enough never to resume the addictive behavior again.

What is the inpatient rehabilitation program?

The inpatient program is designed to the more severe cases, where the patients cannot function properly in the society anymore. They have either become dangerous to others or are unable to support themselves, they have lost their jobs and their families and so on. In this context, the inpatient drug rehab in Phoenix functions like shock treatment.

The goal is to keep the addict under strict supervision for the entire duration of the treatment in case the program needs rapid adjustments, or the patient’s response is not as positive as it should be.

There are also personalized sessions, aiming to stress certain aspects of the treatment, depending on the patient’s profile. In this sense, the inpatient program will offer:

– Constant medication with the purpose of detoxifying the body and the mind

– Recovery-based therapies led by top psychologists and clinicians

– Group therapy sessions, dealing with aspects like anger management, relapse prevention, emotional trauma, and spiritual healing

– Recreative activities meant to replace the need for drugs to experience joy and pleasure; here we include activities like yoga, meditation, equine sessions and even artistic moments, among others

– A friendly environment, where patients will learn to socialize, bond with each other and determine the value of friendship and loyalty

The inpatient program is designed to teach the individual the value of a life free of drugs, one which he may have forgotten it even existed. There is no better way of bringing people from the edge of their doom, other than showing them everything they will lose in the process.

Often, this is enough to get them to cherish life more than drugs, which is the mantra of every inpatient drug rehab in Phoenix. And if they fail, America’s Rehab Campuses will start it all over again. Because people need a second chance and because they deserve it.

Inpatient Drug Rehab Phoenix