IOP Tucson

Don’t believe you’re safe just because you have completed your inpatient rehab treatment! At America’s Rehab Campuses, we know that defeating addiction takes more than that. To ensure you remain sober over the years, we invite you to join our IOP in Tucson.

How do Intensive Outpatient Programs work?

Intensive Outpatient Programs function differently than residential and inpatient programs. IOPs focus less on supervision and control and more on supporting the patients’ recovery while they continue with their healthy daily lives. During IOP, you won’t require 24/7 monitoring, which will allow you to spend your nights at home.

The IOP is ideal for patients who can’t leave their jobs or social or familial duties, or for those who have already completed more intensive treatment programs. During the IOP treatment, you will participate in numerous group meetings, educational classes, therapeutic procedures, and drug screenings, to make sure you remain sober and stable.

How does the rehab treatment work?

The rehabilitation treatment is a complex procedure that focuses on three core aspects:

  • Stabilizing and detoxifying the body
  • Address co-occurring disorders for mental and emotional stability
  • Provide results-oriented relapse prevention strategies

Knowing how vicious and allusive addiction can be, we have designed an incredibly effective holistic form of treatment. We don’t focus on the symptoms but address the causes of the disease instead. We treat the body with the same care and detail that we have for the mind and the spirit alike. During the IOP in Tucson, you will participate in therapeutic and clinical programs like:

  • Dual-diagnosis Therapy
  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)
  • REBT (Rational-Emotive Behavioral Therapy)
  • Modified 12-Step Support Groups
  • Relapse Prevention Education and Training, etc.

You will also receive invaluable advice on lifestyle adjustments that will help you live a free, clean, healthy life again. All these factors show why joining a professional rehab treatment should be your priority now.

Is willpower enough to fight addiction?

For the overwhelming majority of the cases, no. Willpower will only take you so far. When it comes to fighting your way through more severe forms of addiction, you cannot rely on your willpower alone. Addiction causes significant chemical changes in the brain, which will drastically influence your thinking, reasoning, and emotional stability. The cravings will overpower you, while you will find excuses for your behavior each time you relapse.

To end this vicious cycle, you must contact a team of experts right away. If your situation is already precarious, you may require a more intensive form of treatment. If you’ve graduated from the inpatient program, our IOP in Tucson will function as an extension of the treatment, allowing you to expand on the skills and knowledge you’ve already acquired.

With that in mind, you should take addiction lightly. It is a devastating disorder that will quickly get out of control, ruining your chances to a happy future for good. Don’t allow that! Come to America’s Rehab Campuses and take your life back! Whenever you’re ready, our door is open for you!