Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Phoenix

Most people drink alcohol, but we find it difficult to differentiate between a person who consumes alcohol occasionally or even abuses it from time to time and an alcoholic. And the difference is crucial, because, while the first individual might not need professional assistance, the addict surely will. We, at America’s Rehab Campuses, know how important it is to place people in the right categories because it is the only way to know which treatment is best for them.

The outpatient alcohol rehab in Phoenix is meant to treat those who have already gone through the inpatient program, which stands for intensive 24/7 care and those whose alcohol problems are not as severe. But, before getting there, it is crucial to know the signs showing that someone potentially suffers from an alcohol use disorder.

The American Psychiatric Association (APA) has presented the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, the fifth edition (DSM-5­). According to DSM-5, there are 11 symptoms of alcohol use disorder which can be used to determine the patient’s condition.

These include:

1. Binge drinking or heavy drinking over longer periods of time

2. Constant craving for alcohol use, combined with the inability to control the urges

3. Spending too much time drinking and recovering from it

4. Increased cravings occupying the individual’s mind constantly

5. Failing daily tasks and role obligations at job or in the personal life

6. Continuing drinking despite the social and personal problems

7. Quitting important social and recreational activities because of alcohol abuse

8. Drinking in situations where they clearly shouldn’t

9. Keep drinking despite the physical and psychological side effects

10. Developing tolerance to alcohol and requiring larger quantities more often

11. Alcohol withdrawal occurs, delivering specific symptoms and marking addiction

Once these 11 signs have been checked, the need for outpatient alcohol rehab in Phoenix becomes obvious.

Leaving alcoholism behind

The rehabilitation treatment is a complicated procedure with a fair success rate. But, in the grander scheme of things, rehabilitation is more of a personal process. Individuals can only recover from their problems by resorting to the determination, mental and emotional composure and a strong set of values to guide their footsteps.

The outpatient program offers a lot of therapies and therapeutic activities meant to reprogram the patient’s behavior, mind, and spirit. It functions differently than the inpatient stage because it provides individuals with greater freedom, for them to attend freely to their job or educational tasks, and take care of their social obligations at the same time.

It is also a better choice for those who care about their privacy and would like to keep everything confidential as much as possible. The outpatient alcohol rehab in Phoenix has been designed to mix the intense and effective treatment with the patient’s personal life so that neither can negatively impact the other.

In the end, America’s Rehab Campuses is one of the last resorts regarding alcohol rehabilitation. People deserve their chance to a happier, healthier lifestyle and it all starts with leaving alcoholism behind.

Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Phoenix