Phoenix Alcohol Detox

America’s rehab campuses is a licensed rehab center for alcohol abuse. At our Phoenix alcohol detox center, we offer inpatient rehab, outpatient program, and medical alcohol detox to help alcoholics attain a holistic transformation.

How do you stop an alcoholic?

The person with alcohol addiction is usually the only person that can stop the use. But that doesn’t mean that the loved ones cannot try to take specific steps to curb alcohol addiction. We help alcoholics recover through:

  1. Through communication – Voice out your concerns to the alcoholic. Whether you choose to call this an “intervention,” or a regular conversation, explain to them as to how their addiction is affecting their family, friends, school/work. If they can sit and talk to you, that’s a step closer to recovery.
  2. Discuss their psychological triggers – Encourage the alcoholic to trust you by comforting them. Persuade them to talk to you about the triggers that lead them to consume alcohol. It could be anything from a difficult relationship, financial strains, unfaithful partner, a work situation, or physical pain/disease to a recent divorce. Convince them to talk to a licensed psychologist who can relieve their agony through hypnosis, medications, and a combination of therapies.
  3. Offer resources – Do your research and groundwork to direct them to the right treatment center or program that you think will help them. It is hard to convince an alcoholic to join a rehab program but be persistent and earn their trust by supporting them through their difficult times. Help them see the brighter side of participating in rehab.

How long is rehab for alcohol?

The treatment for alcohol addiction can range from 30 – 90 days based on the severity of the addiction and the co-occurring mental disorders. Alcohol addiction treatment includes a safe medical detox, followed by counseling and therapies to treat the reasons behind addiction.

Our Phoenix alcohol detox center helps to address underlying and co-occurring disorders with alcohol addiction. We equip the recovering alcoholic with the tools to combat triggers and cravings in order to avoid relapse. With our help, you will succeed in rebuilding your life as a free, sober, successful individual once more.

The treatment process for alcohol abuse

Joining a rehab center for alcohol abuse is the first step towards liberation. Rehab facilities employ safe and comfortable methods to help you achieve sobriety. Every recovering alcoholic requires personalized care based on factors like how long they’ve struggled with addiction and whether or not they have any co-occurring disorders.

Once you get admission to a treatment center, the clinical staff will perform a thorough physical and psychological assessment on the individual. This helps the staff to customize a recovery plan to maximize each individual’s success in recovery. As a part of the rehab program, we treat our patients using techniques such as medical detox, meditation, biofeedback, CBT, family and friends’ therapy, etc.

Empower yourself by contacting our Phoenix alcohol detox center today. America’s Rehab Campuses can dramatically change your life for the better.