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Despite their apparent danger to human health, drugs are continuously used by people all over the world, causing a considerable number of deaths every year. What’s worse is that the number of victims continues to grow with each year, making the drug problem one of the worst so far. And the US ranks among the top countries with most drug users, including those who use prescription opioids. We, at America’s Rehab Campuses, are aiming at changing that situation.

There are plenty of Phoenix drug rehab programs, and the most effective ones have been developed according to the latest scientific, medical and psychological findings, which means efficiency and diversity are the top priorities. However, the effectiveness of a drug rehabilitation program depends on the patient’s profile.

No matter how well-designed, solid or meticulous a rehab program might be, the human component will always be that one factor which will imbue it with certain volatility which nobody has figured how to avoid. We are talking about drug relapse when the patient will resume the drug abuse sometimes shortly after the treatment has been completed. And relapse is one of the most significant factors which contribute to the program’s efficiency or failure.

Breaking down the rehabilitation system

Most specialists declare that the rehab programs don’t fail. It is the people who fail the programs. And that is entirely true. The methods used, the medication, along with all the psychological and therapeutic sessions, are the result of decades of medical findings.

Their effectiveness is limited when a patient drops the Phoenix drug rehab program or relapses during or after its completion. The problem is that addiction can always come back, so long as the individual doesn’t know how to prevent it.

For this reason, any effective rehabilitation process will consider several aspects of the treatment:

– The medication is crucial – It is essential both during the initial phase of the treatment when the withdrawal manifestations need to be eliminated, as well as later on, as the treatment progresses. We include here medication like buprenorphine, methadone, and naltrexone, as the main ones.

– Behavioral therapies are equally important – The patient has to be able to control his behavior, as drug abuse can cause him to manifest erratic and even dangerous towards others. It will provide the individual with crucial tools needed to change his social functioning for the better, hopefully for good.

– Therapeutic sessions meant to heal the mind and the spirit – The patient has to learn how to express affection, consideration, and love and respect towards others, which is why these sessions will also be held in groups, where even family members can participate.

– Emotional rejuvenation – It is crucial for the addict to learn that drugs aren’t the only source of pleasure. There are others, even more, useful and vastly safer, like meditation, yoga, physical activities, including a wide variety of sports and so on.

For addiction treatment, all Phoenix drug rehab programs at Addiction Recovery Centers are meant to help addicts re-learn how to function normally in the society. The process is long and hard, but one that needs to be addressed.

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