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Drugs have always carried a particular fascination with them; a reminiscence of ancient times, when different societies thought that consuming hallucinogens will get them closer to the Gods. Shamans used hallucinogenic mushrooms and psychoactive plants to predict the future, contact the dead or find out God’s will and some of these beliefs have lived through the ages into the modern times. We, at America’s Rehab Campuses, know that views such as these are particularly dangerous because they make statements about reality which haven’t been proven as true.

No Phoenix rehab program deals with the supernatural, but all of them have to deal regularly with the symptoms of narcotics, as well as with their destructive potential in the long run. If there is one thing that’s certain about drugs, whether they are illicit substances of prescription pills, then it has to be the fact that, ultimately, they are all deadly.

Drugs are poisons which affect our brains to their most intimate layers and, more often than not, the repercussions will be dire. In the long run, the addictive behavior will instill significant changes in the patient’s character and personality, completely altering his mood and the way he acts in society.

Drugs will change you into a different human being

This is the biggest downside of drug addiction – the fact that it changes the fabric of one’s personality so much so that the person may become alienated from family, the circle of friends, job, and society in general. And it is for this reason why all major Phoenix rehab programs push the rehabilitation process beyond the medication phase.

The goals that these programs follow include:

– Restoring the patient to his former self – In this sense, the addict has to learn how to control his tendencies towards aggression, become less irritable, leave apathy behind and learn how to bond to other people once more.

– Restore the patient’s social functionality – The goal is to help the addict reintegrate within the society. In essence – help him develop working or educational skills he can use to become independent and regain control over his life.

– Coping mechanisms – Teaching the patient how to cope with the tendency to relapse is one of the significant prerogatives of any rehabilitation program. The longer the patient remains clean, the higher the chances he will never relapse again.

– Teaching the joy of living – It is one aspect that most drug addicts have forgotten about entirely. They tend to draw their pleasure from drugs, instead of resorting to dopamine-producing activities, including sports, art and even social bonding. A tendency which needs urgent correction.

Becoming addicted is extremely easy when compared to coming out clean. This is the main reason why so many people fail the rehabilitation treatment and relapse sometimes within months or weeks after the treatment has been completed, while others don’t even get to finish it in the first place.

Phoenix rehab programs are focused on efficiency, and here, at America’s Rehab Campuses, we value diversity just as much. A rehabilitation program has to be malleable, permeable to change and encompass every aspect or method that might help the patient regain control over his life. Something which we consider to be paramount.

Phoenix Rehab