Private Drug Rehab California

Private Drug Rehab CaliforniaAs surprising as it may seem, the debate about drug addiction is still going strong decades after it first hit the spotlight. We now have plenty of rehab programs to rely on and over 14,000 rehab institutions across the US, yet nothing much seems to have changed. Studies show that only about 10% to 11% of those suffering from drug use disorder get hospitalized or follow some specialized treatment. At America’s Rehab Campuses, we are trying to fix that problem.

The private drug rehab in California has been developed for this reason in particular, and it serves its purpose as few other programs can. But it’s by no means an easy task. The scientific community is currently split regarding the manifestation of the addictive behavior. Part of the community supports the theory that addiction is, at the moment, an incurable chronic mental disorder, and that the tendency to relapse is normal and unbreakable.

This theory seems to be partly supported by the fact that over 90% of the addicts will relapse shortly after completing the rehab program, regardless whether their addiction was linked to drugs or alcohol. On the other hand, however, we have another group of researchers claiming the opposite: addiction can be permanently treated by using modern approaches going beyond the detoxification process.

Drug detoxification is a natural stage in every private drug rehab in California because it is the most effective way of containing the physical and psychological symptoms of the disorder. Withdrawal can be a significant problem when not addressed since it will prevent the patient to quit using the substance. But chemical detox is only the first stage in a long stream of medical and psychological procedures. The most innovative and effective ones include:

  • Behavioral therapies – Drugs are not just dangerous due to their health risks, but also because they will drastically modify the patient’s behavior. Drug addicts will slowly develop paranoia, will become more irritable, they will show sudden and extreme mood swings, and might also develop psychosis and the tendency towards aggression. These addressed through programs like group and individual counseling, and others.
  • Addressing emotional trauma – Many patients have been driven towards drug abuse by childhood trauma or even recent physical or psychological abuse. Breaking down the underlying causes has been proven to increase the success of the rehab treatment significantly.
  • Provide psychological support – Most of the drug addicts will lose their jobs, their families, and the support of their friends while the addiction was in full effect. Providing professional counseling to help them correct those situations can prove invaluable in the recovery process.

The private drug rehab in California is not a perfect program. But it is among the few chances you’ll have at getting your life back. At America’s Rehab Campuses, we are trained in healing the human spirit above everything else. Drug addiction is a disease, and we treat it as such, using medication, combined with some of the most effective therapeutic procedures of the modern age. Don’t let addiction take its toll on you. Come to our rehab programs and get your freedom back!