Rehab Centers in Arizona that Accept AHCCCS

Are you looking for quality and affordable rehab centers in Arizona that accept AHCCCS? If so, America’s Rehab Campuses might be the place for you. At ARC, we use our contemporary state-of-the-art facility to jumpstart the recovery process, plan for long-term recovery, and help our clients heal from the damage caused by their disease. Our resort-style amenities are designed to serve as a respite. As many people in active addiction wear themselves out on the streets, providing a comfortable and luxurious environment in which they can begin their recovery is therapeutic in and of itself.

Our Approach to Recovery

ARC is here to help you or your loved one who is dealing with addiction to get well. Even though 90% of people with drug and alcohol problems prefer outpatient rehab, countless studies have shown that inpatient residential treatment is typically a far more effective form of substance abuse treatment both for the short-term and the long-term. It is also well-known that long-term recovery programs that last for 3-6 months produce the best results. Even though long-term treatment is superior to inpatient and outpatient treatment, it serves best as a “next step” when inpatient is finished, and it requires a lot of self-examination and commitment from the individual in recovery.

What to Expect at ARC

At America’s Rehab Campuses, we provide inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, medical detox, and partial hospitalization. For most of our clients, the disease of addiction has taken over their lives, and inpatient treatment is needed to help them stop using right away. Indeed, they have lost control of their substance abuse, and they can no longer manage their lives.

Once admitted into ARC, we provide five-star, resort-like amenities for ultimate comfort, relaxation, fun, and healing. During this time, our addiction specialists will work hand-in-hand with each client to craft a long-term plan for recovery. A recovery plan can include ongoing outpatient treatment and long-term sober living, which could be at a half-house, a long-term recovery program, or even at our facility. Further, we provide a wide array of tools and resources to assist in the recovery and relapse prevention processes.

Our highly experienced, caring, and certified professional use the best addiction recovery services to treat:

  • Prescription Drug Addiction
  • Illicit Drug Addiction
  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Behavioral and Mental Health Problems

We Accept AHCCCS

While luxury rehabs are often criticized for being too expensive, swanky, and non-effective, ARC has a very high sobriety success rate. By arming our clients with pro-active strategies and resources, they are be able to better navigate the challenges they will face as they walk the path of recovery. Plus, our prices are on par with the standard rates of rehab facilities in the region, even though facility and services are superior.

For those with substance abuse problems who are looking for rehab centers in Arizona that accept AHCCCS, it only makes to sense to utilize the most luxurious and most effective rehab centers in the state, America’s Rehab Campuses.  Call us today.