Rehab Facilities in Arizona

Rehab Facilities in Arizona

You may be wondering if outpatient therapies work for folks who are strongly addicted. Actually, they do. Most people benefit from inpatient treatment, but not everyone can take extended time away from work or family obligations to remain in a full-time residential treatment center. We understand. That’s why America’s Rehab Campus provides intensive outpatient treatment to help people stay clean after they check out of rehab facilities in Arizona.

Intensive Inpatient Treatment Suits Your Busy Lifestyle

ARC offers a 12-week outpatient program that requires strict adherence to the structure of the program. If this is the option you choose, expect to meet three times a week, and expect to spend at least three hours in each group therapy meeting. This kind of intensive inpatient therapy addresses specific issues faces by persons who are newly sober. Multi-family groups and process groups are also typical of our intensive outpatient programs. Learn to integrate honest, comfortable sobriety into your daily life, no matter what that looks like. All ages can benefit from outpatient therapy after leaving inpatient rehab facilities in Arizona or anywhere.

ARC Relapse Treatment

Not everyone who gets sober stays that way forever. In fact, relapse is quite common, even for those who are dedicated to sobriety and abstinence. If you’ve graduated from ARC rehab facilities in Arizona, and you wind up dabbling with drinking or drugging again, don’t lose hope. We will welcome you back with open arms. In the ARC relapse program, we’ll take a good look at what went wrong and work together to ensure a newer, stronger sobriety. It takes what it takes, as they say in 12-step programs, and that’s how we see it here at America’s Campus Rehab. Come back, and find the support you need to take a deep breath and get on with your recovery. Relapse treatment at ARC is never about recrimination or shame. Sometimes, relapse happens. Let us help you if it does.

If you want to take back control of your own life, get in touch with one of the fine rehab facilities in Arizona today. 24-hour supervision and medical oversight in a private facility may help you overcome your dependence on drugs once and for all. Dial  866-578-2443 any time, day or night.

Rehab Facilities in Arizona