Residential Drug Treatment Arizona

America’s Rehab Campuses provides the best residential drug treatment in Arizona. Whether you’re considering an intervention for someone you love, or you’re thinking about treatment for yourself, we provide the tools necessary to leave behind a life dependent on drugs or alcohol and build a beautiful new life free from addiction.

Your recovery starts with a phone call to ARC at 833-272-7342. Our treatment consultants are available to answer questions 24/7, assist you with being admitted to our facility, or just help you better understand your type of addiction. It requires that you take the first step, which is very often the hardest step on the road to recovery- but once you do, you’ll be empowered to make the changes necessary to keep moving forward.

Our facility is recognized throughout the state of Arizona for consistent, positive results treating addiction. If you’ve gone through the process of detox, the next step is to continue in residential drug treatment in Arizona. Our beautiful facility is a historical, modern hotel that has been transformed into an upscale treatment center with luxury amenities. Here, you’ll find the most qualified and experienced therapists in the region.

It’s a life-changing experience undergoing treatment at America’s Rehab Campuses. Our clinical therapists boast more than 200 years of combined sobriety, offering assistance in learning new skills to avoid triggers and prevent relapse. We believe strongly in getting to the heart of why the addiction started and why it has endured. Our therapists will help you identify the issues that prompted the addiction while helping you build a new life on a healthy foundation.

Your phone call to our facility is 100% confidential. During your initial conversation with our staff, we can help you verify your insurance benefits, answer your most pressing questions, and provide you with information on our programs. Whatever type of addiction you’re dealing with, we offer treatment that is designed for lifelong recovery.

Our facility’s amenities include a state-of-the-art fitness center, pool, hot tub, nutritionists, on-site pharmacy, and medical professionals. We’re proud to provide programs for every phase of recovery, starting with detox and continuing through treatment to sober living and outpatient services. Our world-class care includes individual counseling, career counseling, dental and beauty services, personal preparation for life after addiction, and so much more.

Our mental health professionals will determine your personal treatment plan during a thorough assessment of your condition. We’ll discuss your recovery motivation and goals with you before committing to residential drug treatment in Arizona. It’s important to understand that no two addictive substances are the same, and no two addictions require the same treatment plan to achieve positive results.

Make your next phone call to ARC- day or night, we are here to help. You may feel like you’re going through this alone, but the truth is, we are right here to assist you when you reach out to us. If you’re ready for treatment, you’ve found a facility offering the most effective residential drug treatment in Arizona.

Residential Drug Treatment Arizona