Treatment Centers in Arizona

For someone battling something as debilitating as drug addiction, getting quality recovery treatment at an excellent rehab facility is vital. America’s Rehab Campuses offer comprehensive treatment programs for substance addiction. We are one of the top drug treatment centers in Arizona, offering a vast choice of treatment programs for various types of addictions.

How do I choose a good rehab facility?

Firstly, you need to look at the quality of treatment by looking at any accreditations the programs have and the qualifications of the staff who work there. As for the quality of the treatment programs, a good rehab center will offer a variety of treatment programs. Every patient has different physiological needs and requires different approaches to successful recovery so that a great rehab will provide individualized treatment for each patient.

Ideally, the rehab clinic you choose should treat a wide range of addictions. Addictions to different types of drugs will have varying effects on people, so if the rehab has dedicated procedures in place to deal with each type of substance abuse (fentanyl, cocaine, heroin), that means they are serious about providing dedicated, individualized treatment.

Location is another crucial consideration to make. Some people do well in rehab centers that are far away from their current substance abuse environment and triggers, while others do well in facilities located closer to home. Lastly, an excellent rehab clinic should also assist patients with payment and insurance plans.

The different types of rehab programs

Traditionally, most rehabilitation programs for substance abuse required patients to live in the facility for the entire duration of the treatment (residential rehab). You can now choose from inpatient residential rehab, intensive outpatient programs (IOPs), Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHPs) or outpatient programs. We are one of the drug treatment centers in Arizona that offers all these options.

In inpatient rehab programs, patients stay at the rehab facility overnight during the program and receive constant medical and psychiatric supervision. Patients can live at home and come to the rehab clinic for treatment if they follow PHP and IOP treatments. Outpatient programs are the least intensive treatment option where you have less contact time at the clinic.

Which type of rehab program should I choose?

The type of program that’s suitable for you depends mainly on the severity of your addiction and how well you cope with treatment. With inpatient rehab, you get round-the-clock attention, so it is best for those with severe addiction, who are in early stages of recovery. Inpatient rehab will ensure that patients don’t relapse.

PHPs and IOPs are best for those who can cope with their addiction while living at home but want something more intense than weekly support groups. Outpatient programs are usually for those in the later stages of recovery or with milder addictions.

Are you looking for drug treatment centers in Arizona that offers an extensive choice of drug treatment programs? At America’s Rehab Campuses, we deal with various types of drug addictions (fentanyl, heroin, cocaine) and offer multiple types of treatment programs (inpatient, outpatient, PHPs).